Indicative Pricing

Since all projects are unique, prices for design and plans vary. Since consults and sketch consults are based on meetings at the site, without revisions, we can offer them at the flat fee prices shown below. All prices are indicative; we will send you a proposal for your approval following either type of consult before we continue any additional design work.


Flat fee payment due at end of consult

out of area fees may apply

Verbal Consults


on-site visit, no drawings

or sketches

Sketch Consults


on-site visit, with drawings

or sketches.  


Can sometimes be used for simple planting plans, front yard lawn conversion plans.


About Consults…

You can upgrade from a consult to a sketch consult within 30 days of your consult by paying the $250 difference between the two services.

Sketch consults are not typically fully complete plans; they’re idea sketches for what can happen, sometimes simple planting plans for front yards with simple, regular spaces.

All consults are based on meetings lasting 60-90 minutes on site. Additional fees may apply if this time is exceeded.

Out of area fees apply to consults farther than 60 miles from our office in Sacramento.

More information

verbal consults 

sketch consults


requires approved proposal

payments due at milestones

non-refundable retainer fee

Detailed Concepts

Set A

Average $1,800

high $3,200

low $1,200


Construction Drawings


Set B

Average $2,900

high $7,200

low $2,400

Set C

Average $5,500

high $9,500

low $4,200


More information

Set A

Set B

Set C


requires approved proposal

based on time

invoiced monthly

non-refundable retainer fee

Construction Administration

Average $1,200

high range $3,500

low $950


open-ended, mixed services

based on time

invoiced monthly

non-refundable retainer fee

Luxury Design

Average $15,000

high range $30,000

low $12,000


Custom services for unique projects

Have a large, complex project that will need constant or multi-year guidance, something that will evolve constantly?


That’s what this service is for: frequent meetings, multiple options, multiple versions, brainstorming sessions,3D modeling… anywhere you want to constantly  work through the design from start to finish.


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